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Arabic Script and How to Write Arabic

Arabic Script:

The Arabic script, which is written from right to left, is the third most commonly used writing in the world. It is a cursive script with all its letters written in a joined format, both in handwritten and painted forms. Additionally, the Arabic script does not contain the concept of uppercase or lowercase letters, as every letter remains the same in both scenarios. It is interesting to note here that the Arabic script is also used to write other languages such as Urdu, Persian, Pashto, Uighur, Malay, Azerbaijani, etc.

Arabic Alphabet:

The Arabic alphabet contains 28 characters that are abjad, meaning all these letters are consonants, which commonly do not need the support of vowels to be written correctly. The Arabic alphabet is characterized by a strong emphasis on consonant patterns and long vowel sounds. Depending on the letters before and after, every letter is subject to four different forms in which it can be used. Similarly, a number of these alphabets have the same basic form and are only distinguishable by the use of diacritics, above or below them, for instance the use of dots in the following letters makes them different from each other “س , ‎ش”.

Arabic Numbers:

As of today, the Latin-alphabet numbers, which are read from left to right, are used to represent numbers in the Arabic script. However, the alphabet of the Arabic script is in a certain order and following this order the characters can be used to represent numbers in written form, for instance the first alphabet alif (الف) can be used to represent the number one.


A number of variants of the Arabic language can be witnessed in today’s world, which are used to write Arabic online or in handwritten forms as well as in printed versions. However, the following two variants are the main styles of the Arabic script:

  1. The Naskh, which is the script generally used for printing purposes
  2. The Kufic, which is the usual everyday script them.

How to Write Arabic:

With an increased usage of the language throughout the world, more and more people have started learning how to write Arabic. For this purpose an English to Arabic typing software can be used along with learning how to write Arabic online. If you are new to the language, do not be intimidated by how difficult it looks, instead take it step by step and in a minimal time period you won’t be needing those English to Arabic typing software anymore. If starting with handwritten Arabic seems difficult just write Arabic online, as this way you won’t have to individually handwrite the letters and will be better able to first grasp the concept of the script. Keep in mind the following general rules and characteristic when starting to write Arabic:

  • The Arabic language is phonetic i.e. its words are pronounced exactly as they are written
  • Most of the Arabic letters have English counterparts i.e. you can find a similar sounding word in the English language. For instance the English counterpart of the first Arabic alphabet “alif (الف)” is the English letter “A”, as both have the same pronunciation when used in words
  • The form of an Arabic letter changes depending on where it is placed in a word i.e.
    1. At the beginning of a word
    2. In the middle of the word
    3. In the middle of the word
    4. At the end of a word
    5. All by itself
  • Beginning with one letter at a time, start by fist perfecting its basic shape and then move on to its diacritics.
  • After perfectly practicing every individual letter with all it’s possible dots and strokes, start joining together smaller words first, moving up to the bigger ones
  • In order to conjointly write the Arabic letters, practice writing words without lifting your pen as this will gradually increase your fluency
  • Apart from learning to write letters, build a strong understanding of the Arabic language as it is the basic foundation of the entire script and will give you immense help in the learning process

The proverb Practice makes a man perfect fits perfectly in this scenario as in order to learn how to write Arabic, practice is the key. The more you write each letter, the faster you will be able to memorize their forms and the easier it will be to join the letters forming perfect words.